Why Libre?

Why the name change ?

We as ILUG Cochin have been spreading the concept of “Freedom” and “Truth” through Swathanthra Software. We have always stuck to the core ethical values of Freedom when we say GNU/Linux.

Because that single word, tells us what we are. But unfortunately we cannot use that word when it comes to the name of our group. Because thats one place we have to say “Linux”.

Here is why saying GNU/Linux is important

GNU/Linux FAQ by Richard Stallman

Why do you call it GNU/Linux and not Linux?
Most operating system distributions based on Linux as kernel are basically
modified versions of the GNU operating system. We began developing GNU in
1984, years before Linus Torvalds started to write his kernel. Our goal
was to develop a complete free operating system. Of course, we did not
develop all the parts ourselves but we led the way. We developed most of
the central components, forming the largest single contribution to the
whole system. The basic vision was ours too. In fairness, we ought to
get at least equal mention.

I guess we need to show what we preach at every level, no matter what it takes.
That is why a name change for the group was inevitable.

Why not GNU/ Linux User Group ?

Yes that would be the first choice obviously. But the importance of Free Software and its relevance as a social movement is not justified while assosciating the group name with an Operating System or rather a Technology.The new name would reveal the true values we stand for which is spreading the concept of Swathanthra Software as a social movement, rather than a technical advancement or a development methodology.

Why Libre ?

The term Libre itself conveys the true essence of our activities
and the principles we follow.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libre#Libre tells us

Libre is a word in various Romance languages, including Spanish and French, and descends from the Latin word lÄ«ber they denote “the state of being free”, as in “having freedom” or “liberty”.

Also the name signifies our commitment to any activity, field or movement that follows the principles of truth and freedom. Although we still remain a group of people who value freedom more for Software.

Will it diversify the area of activities ILUG has engaged in ?

Yes and No, As mentioned above, Free Software as a social movement has spread to other areas making it a big revolution in history. We do not stick to Technology alone, because we should work for the Freedom of Man in general in all fields, but we still concentrate on the field of Information Technology and/or Computer Science.

We have Had several discussions in our Mailing List, before we finalized it, You can find the thread here.


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