February 2014 Meeting Details

The meeting of the “Indian Libre User Group” was successfully held on February 23rd 2014

Date: 23-02-2014

Time: 2:00pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Internet Club, IInd Floor,
AMI Trust Building,Broadway Enclave,
Broadway, Ernakulam

2.30pm – 2.45pm

Customary Self Introduction. People shared their experience with Free Software

2.45pm – 4.30pm

Btrfs (B-tree file system, variously pronounced: “Butter F S”, “Better F S”,”B-tree F S”,or simply “Bee Tee Arr Eff Ess”) is a GPL-licensed experimental copy-on-write file system for Linux. Development began at Oracle Corporation in 2007. It is still in heavy development and marked as unstable, especially since when the filesystem becomes full, no-space conditions arise which might make it challenging to delete files.

Btrfs is intended to address the lack of pooling, snapshots, checksums, and integral multi-device spanning in Linux file systems, these features being crucial as Linux use scales upward into the larger storage configurations common in enterprise.Chris Mason, the principal Btrfs author, has stated that its goal was “to let Linux scale for the storage that will be available. Scaling is not just about addressing the storage but also means being able to administer and to manage it with a clean interface that lets people see what’s being used and makes it more reliable.

4.30pm – 4.45pm

Tea break

Concluding Session

People were requested to handle small technical discussions for the next meeting.

Thanks to all the attendees for coming and they are requested to put their feedback on the mailing list so that we can improve future meetings

The next user meet is on 23rd March 2014

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