Indian Libre Users Group

with over 20 years of expertise, we focus only the freedom and security for all

This is the time of safety, we assure you that it is not a dream but a reality


About ILUG

ILUG Cochin is a Libre users group, with the concept of  "Freedom" and "Truth" through Swathanthra Software.  ILUG Cochin started in 1997 to promote the importance of free software

From August 1997 ILUG Cochin has been working for the cause of Freedom in the field of Software by promoting Free Software. Contrary to the hype and glamour, ILUG has been promoting this cause in a truthful, transparent and the most effective manner. ILUG believes its major aim in this regard is Free Software awareness. And therefore the attempt to create this awareness is reflected in all of ILUGs activities. Be it a stall for promotion or a seminar or presentation the core concept of Freedom always exists in the activities of ILUG.


Seminars, Presentations, Demonstrations And Stalls

These are the foundation of ILUGs objective of spreading Free Software Awareness. ILUG has been conducting various seminars, classes and doing demonstrations all throughout Kerala. ILUG has been part of several popular IT events and has been able to effectively make a mark in all the programmes it has participated. More importance has been given to conducting these activities in educational institutions as these are the cradle of information in society. And therefore ILUG has been able to make its mark among the students and academicians as a community information and resource center.


ILUG has taken great pain to instill the concept of a community into the field of software and education.We believe that we have been able to create some impact in this regard.

Stalls and exhibitions are a new addition to ILUG’s activities. In events that focus on the software industry, ILUG puts forward its ideas and objectives making an impact in the form of a candle in the dark. And indeed it has borne its fruits because of the various massive responses we have got for such events. ILUG hopes to get more chances in the future to spread its message in the form of such related events which can help provide a big stage.


What we do best

The Modus Operandi ---------

Focus is on the online aspect of todays operations and realise that there are various aspects of operating systems which can be prone to cyber security attacks, acknowledging that all operating systems have some flaw which can be compromised.


After having found the standard flaws, we also search for non-standard flaws in the same manner and isolate such instances, then the flaw is secured by the available cyber security counter measures.

Indian Libre Users Group

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