January 2011 Meeting Details

Warm Greetings To The Free Software Community,

The meeting of the “Indian Libre User Group” was successfully held on January 23rd 2011.(4th Sunday of Every Month)

Following is a brief snapshot of the meeting.

Date: 23-1-2011
Time: 2:00pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Internet Club, IInd Floor, AMI Trust Building,
Broadway Enclave, Broadway, Ernakulam
Attendance :  13


– Customary Introduction

2.15pm – 3.15pm

– Brief Introduction to ILUG Cochin and its activities.

Discussion on Concept of Free Software and other topics

– Introduction to Free Software
– History of the GNU Movement
– History of GNU/Linux
– Concept of an Operating System, Kernel
– What is Source Code, Binary Program
– Programming languages
– Licenses – GNU GPL
– Concept of Copyleft
– Open Source Software and its Difference with Free Software
– Other movements related to Free Software philosophy

3.15pm- 4.00pm
Agenda :
Need for Free Software on Mobile Platforms :

– Role of software in mobile phones and portable devices.
– Concept of ROM, Flash,
– Programming the Flash with firmware/ software
– Updating the software
– The importance of privacy and freedom on portable devices.
– Customization of Software on mobile phones.
– How Free Software can work with the mobile phone market.
– Android, OpenMoko, meebo and other free software related mobile phone stacks.
– Standardization of Hardware
– Hardware lock-in with mobile phones
– Tablet PCs.

4.00 pm
Tea Break

Technical Discussions

1. Syncplaces
A Firefox addon for synchronizing bookmarks and files with user defined server.

2. Reverse Proxy
How Reverse proxy can be used in Apache

Utility to insert multiple pages in a single page and pdf tricks

4. noveau – Nvidia free software driver
Shared experience with the 3D functionality of the driver on Ubuntu 10.10 using.

5. wammu
Mobile phone manager using Gammu as its backend. It works with any phone that Gammu supports, including many models from Nokia, Siemens, and Alcatel.

6. phatch
simple to use cross-platform GUI Photo Batch Processor

7. Meteor slides
Wordpress plugin for creating quick slideshows using images

8. Eventr
Wordpress plugin for quickly creating forms to handle event registrations.

9. Creating a calendar in Inkscape
Using the calendar plugin of inkscape we can create custom calendars using different options.

10.Booting an ISO image of Ubuntu from GRUB 2
1. Press ‘c’ at the grub command prompt.
2. Enter username and password if any.
3. Enter the following lines terminated by return key.
set root=(hd0,1)
loopback loop/ubuntu.iso
set root=loop0
linux (loop)/boot/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=/ubuntu_10.10.iso
initrd (loop)/casper/initrd.lz

11. ct flasher
For burning ROMS (BOOTROMS) for LAN Cards

12. GNU/Linux comptible ISP kits
Kits comprising the hardware (supporting GNU/Linux) and software are available in the local markets.

13. VirtualMin
Virtualmin is a powerful and flexible web hosting control panel, based on webmin which is a web-based interface for system administration


– People were requested to handle small technical discussions for the next meeting.
– The different ways to involve in activities of ILUG Cochin were discussed.
– The attendees were notified of a possible stall planned by ILUG Cochin and requested them to volunteer.
– Different projects in the Free Software community needed contributors, everyone was encouraged to involve in these projects.
– All people who came for the Meeting were thanked.
Thanks to all the attendees for coming and they are requested to put their feedback on the mailing list so we can improve future meetings.

Next meeting : 27/02/2011

Send your feedback about this report to contact at ilug-cochin dot org

Thank You
Indian Libre User Group, Cochin

About ILUG Cochin
From August 1997 ILUG Cochin has been working for the cause of Freedom by promoting Free Software. ILUG Cochin has the vision to create a self sustaining Free Society, where individuals have Freedom to work and live in unison and harmony. ILUG Cochin hopes to do this by spreading the principles of Freedom and Truth which are embodied in the concept of Free Software.

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